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In today’s world we should all have multiple streams of income coming in. Relying solely on earning your living from a traditional job has really become a thing of the past. Companies make transitions and eliminate jobs without any concern about how it affects the individual who’s position they’ve just gotten rid of. And, sadly, job performance isn’t even a consideration when deciding who stays and who goes during times of change at companies today.

Jack Canfield quote, Motivational Speaker and
Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul

Personally, I’ve been downsized twice and my husband, who is a US Air Force veteran, has also been downsized twice in the past 15 years of our working careers. I’ve even been let go of from a job due to a health problem that arose and required immediate attention.

The thing I’ve learned throughout all of these challenges is that life comes at you fast sometimes. And since these changes usually come completely out of the blue, you’ve got to be ready and able to deal with them when they happen because the work force simply does not care about the individual in this era.

This is the current trend and it represents thousands of unemployed workers. What business will close its doors and put people out of work next?

So, for now, I can tell you that my husband and I both have good jobs with decent benefits. But we always know that can change at any time, without any warning. And because of that, a few years ago we decided to create our own side business selling a variety of products at festivals and events on weekends throughout the year. It’s something we both really enjoy. It has required a lot of work though, both physically and financially. And it’s not really the sort of thing we’ll likely be willing or able to do when we get older in life. Due to this, we made the very wise decision to get involved in network marketing.

Network marketing has got to be one of the best “side gigs” out there today. Over the years I’ve joined several of these businesses solely to purchase the products I like for the cheapest price available. Some require you to make a minimum purchase every month, others require a monthly autoship and so on. All of this is done for a variety of reasons. But the primary one is to keep you consistently thinking of them because, you see, network marketing companies do not use their money to pay for traditional advertising. Instead, they rely solely on “word of mouth” advertising from their members who have decided to work the business opportunity offered and the company uses what would have been their advertising budget to compensate these individuals for their efforts. It’s truly a phenomenal way of doing business. Especially in an era where it has become more and more difficult for businesses to get their advertising message out there in traditional ways due to things like paid subscriber services for television, music, news, etc that often eliminate ads all together.

While I have joined 4 or 5 network marketing companies over the years simply because I liked their products, the one I decided to build a business with, Q Sciences, offers the most opportunity for growth and has a stellar product line that is absolutely second to none in this industry. They also have the most generous compensation plan in network marketing and you can begin earning money during your very first month. (It’s so good in fact, many current 6-figure income earners from other network marketing companies have been jumping ship to join us.) There is zero inventory to carry, no parties required and you can literally work this business full-time, part-time, anytime, from anywhere in the world via your cellphone.

They say timing is everything in this industry and it couldn’t be any better than right now to get started with this ground floor, industry leading opportunity.

I’m looking to team up with people who are hard working, focused and driven to succeed. Those who genuinely enjoy helping others to improve their lives and be rewarded for their efforts. If this is you, and I sincerely hope it is, I’m eager to have you on my team. So let’s get started working together right away on building YOUR legacy!

Kelly Brazeel

Here’s the simple approach to building a successful network marketing business.

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