Q Sciences is making network marketing fun and profitable again!

Do you want to build a legacy? Something you can pass down to your children, grandchildren and more? It’s said that timing is EVERYTHING and it could not be more perfect timing than it is RIGHT NOW to get into this business and build it BIG.  We’re talking about a ground floor opportunity with a well established company.  This kind of opportunity very rarely comes around.  You’ve probably seen or maybe even know someone that got in at the beginning of something that ended up changing their life forever and wished you’d been able to do the same. Well THIS is your time to do just that. Get all the information below and jump on board with me NOW because the momentum continues to build.

Don’t wait. Don’t procrastinate. Don’t delay and miss out on this lightning in a bottle opportunity.

It’s your time to shine! Join my growing team now!

Not all network marketing opportunities are created equal. The most important things to look for in a network marketing opportunity are:

1 – Volume based compensation plan:

At Q Sciences you get paid on the TOTAL volume of your team. Unlike most network marketing companies you don’t have to rely on team member promotions in order for you to advance through the ranks.

Q Sciences offers a one page, easy to understand compensation plan that was enhanced April 1. No other company in this industry has increased their compensation plan to pay their representatives more.
Becoming a “product of the product” is very easy thanks to the Care & Share Rewards program at Q. It allows you to essentially run your business for free.
Instead of offering car bonuses that simply put you in more personal debt,
Q offers the opportunity for real financial freedom through the
Financial Freedom Movement program.

2 – Unique products that are in high demand:

Q Sciences has proven products that are an industry first – backed by actual science. Launching new products regularly that are the most sought after in this era.

Products that are supported by 33 third party studies offering everything you need to improve your brain health, increase your energy, lose weight, balance your body and more.
Our growing mix of products includes the very best full spectrum hemp oil on the market. Sourced in the USA in Kentucky. Currently available in sublingual drops, rollerballs, creams and protein shakes.

3 – A proven team that can provide support and training:

Joining the fastest growing business with proven industry leaders gives you the best chance for success. We’ve grown more than 300% year over year and every month we are consistently experiencing double digit growth over the prior month because the products and compensation plan are absolutely the best of the best.

4 – MOMENTUM! Joining the RIGHT company at the RIGHT time:

Q Sciences was founded in 2012 and recently revamped it’s entire pay structure and product line giving you all the benefits of a ground floor opportunity backed by the stability of a proven company.

Let’s get you started today! You won’t find an easier way to generate substantial income working online. Work this business at your own pace, anytime, anywhere from your phone.

There’s 2 sides to building your business. The first is customer based. Simply share these products with those who you feel would benefit from using them by asking them to shop your personal Q Sciences website as a Preferred Customer. They will receive your wholesale pricing, a 30 day money back guarantee and the ability to setup a monthly autoship so they don’t have to remember to place future orders. They will have complete control over their own personal shopping experience by receiving an account login when they sign up as a PC and can change or cancel their autoship at any time. You will earn commissions and free product through the Care and Share Rewards Program mentioned above.

The second side of building your business is building a team. You do this by sharing the business opportunity with those who are in need of earning an extra income. Talk to them about the business you are growing and have them join your team as an Ambassador through your personal Q Sciences website. You will each earn commissions as laid out in the compensation plan above. Then as you build and your team members build, you’ll each grow and advance through the company ranks, increasing your incomes each month.

The biggest key to this business is to share information with others as often as possible. Communicate with friends, loved ones and acquaintances in person, over the phone via talk or text, through social media, etc, etc. It’s something you can fit into the nooks and crannies of your day. Once you get started, you’ll be amazed by just how easy it is to work sharing Q into your schedule. We’ll even provide you with an app that is fully loaded with a wealth of information to make it easier for you to share detailed information with anyone quickly. As long as you have access to your phone, you’ll have the ability to grow a very nice income utilizing the spare moments of your day.

To become a Brand Ambassador simply click on any Join Q Now button to get started. You’ll be taken to my Q Sciences website where you will select the Join/Buy option at the top.

Next, choose the market you live in (we are a global company; I live in the US). Then select the Become an Ambassador option. Choose an Enrollment Kit, on the next page you can add any additional products you’d like to receive, then you will need to choose an AutoShip Bundle. (You may choose individual products for your autoship however the bundles do offer a significant discount as well as provide the necessary 100PV to be considered an active ambassador. If you decide to go with individual products be certain they total 100PV. Your autoship can be modified at any time after you have completed the enrollment process.) Keep in mind, your autoship will be free each month you qualify for the Care and Share Rewards Program. Last you will need to complete the New Ambassador Enrollment.

Once you have completed all of this go to the Google Play Store on your smartphone and download the QConnectPro app. It’s such a great resource to learn from and grow your business with.

To purchase products from our hemp line as a New Ambassador or Preferred Customer, please send me an email or Facebook message (links to both are at the top of this page) to walk you through enrollment process with hemp items as we are currently in the process of upgrading our website.***

For additional questions or information about this opportunity please connect with me through the email or Facebook links located at the top of this page.

I genuinely look forward to welcoming you to the team and helping you get started!

Kelly Brazeel

Independent Brand Ambassador

My “Why” for joining this business – My fun, amazing family enjoying our first hockey game earlier this year.

Q Sciences YouTube video about our products and business opportunity.

Don’t miss out on the fastest growing ground floor opportunity in
network marketing. Join us now!

Any and all advertisements published on this page are NOT endorsed by Kelly Brazeel or the Join the Q Movement site.

Disclaimer: We do not guarantee any results by joining. The results, stories and testimonials presented on this page are not indicative of your success or future success. As with any business, your success will be largely based on your work ethic, education, effort, and technique.

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